Keeping our standards despite the extraordinary circumstances

Due to the current situation most of the employees of the CER company group have been working from home for more than a month. As a result of conscious, preventive actions, none of the employees has been infected by the virus during this time. Despite the changed circumstances, the company continues to ensure seamless work and service for its partners. During the course of the last few weeks in addition to our daily, operative tasks, we have taken further measures that have become necessary due to the epidemiological situation. Also, we are continuously performing activities in connection to the current situation.

• Among the rail freight forwarding companies, we were first to prepare and issue our internal rules regarding the current emergency and we were also first to take appropriate measures to protect our employees’ health.
• We continuously monitor and comply with the epidemiological measures and provisions in Hungary and in other countries where CER operates in the shortest time in order to ensure seamless traffic and standard of services
• It is a special recognition that the CER group was commissioned to urgently provide Italy with essential disinfectants and raw materials, a task that we completed in time and to the expected standard.
• Despite the extraordinary situation, we managed to start transformer shipment deliveries from Croatia in time and we continue to ensure this seamless service
• Our company is actively involved in the analysis of economic consequences and in the development of economic aid programs together with Hungrail. In performing these activities we are closely working together with Hungrail as well as the competent ministries (ITM, PM) and other market actors (railway companies, freight forwarding companies, customers)

We hereby wish all of our employees and partners good health and endurance!

CER Group Management