Board decisions

The European Company CER Cargo Holding SE, at its Board of Directors’ meeting held on 24 January 2024, adopted the 2024 business plan for its subsidiaries, i.e. for all member companies of the CER Group.

The profit expectation has increased significantly compared to the previous year, as the expansion of the operating area to Poland and Romania and the strengthening of the acquisition activity in the existing countries have made the new figures realistic.

The Board has also decided that the Group is preparing to establish new subsidiaries in Austria and Germany. The new target areas fit well with the current operations in six EU countries, where business is expected to start in Q4.

The Board of Directors decided to appoint a new Managing Director for the Romanian subsidiary, for which Árpád Csíki was appointed. The Group has acquired the right to operate freight trains in Romania, so the new Managing Director’s primary task will be to mobilise the necessary resources, start operations and maintain them effectively.