7. June
CEO of CER Cargo at the I Rail Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition

Ottó Horváth, CEO of CER Cargo Holding, participated in the 1st Rail Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition organised by Hungrail. The organisers invited the CEO to participate in the round table discussion of the 2nd SECTION on “Rail Vehicle Financing in the Central and Eastern European Region – Finding Resources”. The rising number of passengers as […]

22. March
Chairman of the CER Cargo Board at the Hungarian Railways Meetup

László Horváth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CER Cargo Holding, participated in the Hungarian Rail Meetup organised by Hungrail Hungarian Railway Association, which was professionally supported by CER Hungary Zrt. The theme of the event was “Rail freight priorities: what the sector expects in 2024”. The Chairman of the Board of Directors also […]

8. February
Board decisions

The European Company CER Cargo Holding SE, at its Board of Directors’ meeting held on 24 January 2024, adopted the 2024 business plan for its subsidiaries, i.e. for all member companies of the CER Group. The profit expectation has increased significantly compared to the previous year, as the expansion of the operating area to Poland […]

17. November
The gold level sponsor of the Hungrail Hungarian Railway Conference 2023 was CER Hungary Zrt.

Hungrail organizes this event every year, where companies, managers and decision-makers related to railways and rail freight transport participate and give presentations. The topics of each conference are related to the current topics of the given period/year. This year, the organizers divided the conference into IV sections. As a gold-level partner, Ottó Horváth, CEO of […]

13. July
Cer Cargo rushes with Akiem locomotives

On March 22, 2023, we took over the first two brand new Vectron locomotives from Akiem, renewing the 5-year partnership! We are very proud of the strong and lively relationship we have built with each other since 2018, a partnership based on mutual trust, proximity and work! By autumn, the company will deliver a total […]

13. July
Róbert Homolya: The market fully supports the VO project

Railway freight companies fully support the freight corridor project bypassing Budapest – mentioned Mr. Róbert Homolya, President and CEO of MÁV LTD, the President of the Hungrail Hungarian Railway Association, told ti MTI on Monday after informing the member companies at a meeting of the association’s freight committee of the association from the bypass railway […]

13. July
It was put on rails: a long-established locomotive has been renovated

The legendary 310.4 series locomotive is the CER CARGO group of companies completely renovated with the support of Tiszacserny. The legend is thus revived, which is of symbolic significance in the former land port, one of the largest in Europe. In the last 3rd of the 19th century, the construction of the main lines in […]

13. July
New Service Company is being created in the rail freight market

By signing the Letter of intent the rail freight traffic will be strengthen in the region RZDL Europe LTD., Rail Cargo Hungaria LTD. and CER Cargo Holding signed a Letter of intent on the establishment of a joint venture on 14 December 2021 in Budapest. The company, which is set up with the support of […]

13. July
Ottó Horváth interview

Read the post here.

25. May
CER Cargo Holding has joined BÉT’s international training program

ER Cargo Holding has joined the ELITE Program implemented in a cooperation between Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) and the London Stock Exchange. The news about this topic can be found at the link below: LAC Holding Zrt.