Cer Cargo rushes with Akiem locomotives

On March 22, 2023, we took over the first two brand new Vectron locomotives from Akiem, renewing the 5-year partnership! We are very proud of the strong and lively relationship we have built with each other since 2018, a partnership based on mutual trust, proximity and work! By autumn, the company will deliver a total of 6 brand new Vectron locomotives that contribute to CER Cargo development activities. These locomotives will draw freight trains on the international railway market: from Hungary to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, Germany, Austria and even to the Balkans. Patrice Bildstein, Deputy CEO of Locomotives BU; László Horváth Chairman of CER Cargo Board; Ottó Horváth CEO of Cer Cargo; Dénes Jobbágy Chairman of the board of directors of SZTA gave a speech at the solemn locomotive handover.